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Business Membership for Agencies and Consultants

Grow your agency, or marketing consulting business, by improving your team's skills and the quality of processes for clients. Save time whilst delivering successful client campaigns with the guidance of a wide range of resources and ready-to-use templates.

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Gain, and retain, high quality clients

Ready-to-use templates and pitching decks to save time and win projects

Save time creating client-facing documents with our ready-to-use and editable reports, audits, pitching presentations and planning templates - available to white label with your agency branding.

White labeling is an easy way to expand your service offering to clients without having to develop the plans and pitches yourself.

Don't waste time and internal resources when you can have templates ready to use straight away.

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"There’s no wasting time on trial and error or figuring out whether the materials are valid or authoritative, instead time can be spent on specific learning and then taking action in the real world." - Arnold Ferrier, Independent Consultant

Key benefits of Agency/Consultant Business Membership

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Agency growth and management resources

Attract new clients by improving the marketing of your agency. Win and retain more clients with our guides and templates to review key agency processes for pitching work and managing projects.

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Develop and grow internal team skills

From 200+ guides that cover the full marketing mix to Quick Wins micro-learning modules that help you achieve a specific job to be done, upskill your team with the knowledge they need to deliver an optimized/results driven campaign.

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Benchmark and improve client campaigns

Benchmark your and your clients' current digital marketing capability to see where you should focus future improvements. We'll recommend specific areas to improve and set a clear plan of progression.

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Achieve your key marketing responsibilities to grow and manage your agency

  • Improved pitching process - Our agency resources are effective in helping you win/grow new client accounts.
  • Improved agency perception - Develop your agency brand including reputation and thought leadership.
  • Team training - Improve skills of team members to deliver better client campaigns with e-learning/micro e-learning.
  • Client activity resources - Templates are available for white labeling to save time creating client documents.
  • Strategy, vision and budgeting - Guidance on building the foundations for growing your agency and clients' business.

"A Smart Insights Business subscription has helped me earn several times its value in fees, just on one project and it helped me reinforce my role as a trusted advisor, with up-to-date knowledge of the subject." - Sarah Alder, Consultant

See how your business can benefit from our range of all-inclusive marketing resources
Guides and Templates

Guides and Templates

Invest in our advanced guides and templates and gain unlimited access to all 20 of our strategy, planning, management, and optimization toolkits. You will also gain access to the exclusive Agency Toolkit where you can download and rebrand our templates to present to clients.

  • Agency pricing guide
  • Marketing your agency effectively guide
  • Agency B2B digital marketing plan example
  • Measuring and reporting on client campaigns
  • Client discovery checklist
  • Digital marketing budgeting and costing approaches spreadsheet

Plus, more agency resources to help you win and retain clients...

Quick Wins

Quick Wins

Actionable, step-based marketing techniques to get fast results. Each quick-win gives you a series of practical steps to follow to make improvements. Learn why the technique is important, how to achieve it, and what results to expect. When you’ve completed the Quick Win, download the accompanying workbook to put your knowledge into action.

  • Create a multichannel marketing plan
  • How to create a campaign plan
  • How to increase your website leads
  • 360 degree content marketing audit
  • How to do a backlink audit
  • How to improve your homepage effectiveness

Plus, more Quick Wins covering a range of marketing techniques...

Capability Grader

Capability Grader

Score your business's digital capability (or your clients) with unlimited access to our Digital Benchmarking Tool. Find out how well your business currently performs and how to improve to go from a well-managed approach to a market-leading capability in all areas of marketing. These include:

  • Digital marketing strategy and planning
  • Digital experience management
  • Email marketing and automation
  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing campaign planning

Plus, more capability graders to benchmark current digital effectiveness...

Personalized Learning Plan

Personalized Learning Plan

Assess the gaps in your or your team's knowledge and get recommendations on the most relevant resources to improve your skills and drive results for your business using our RACE Framework. Benchmark personal skills and gain recommendations on your:

  • Earned, owned and paid media skills
  • Marketing planning ability
  • Search marketing skills
  • Social media and email marketing skills
  • Nurturing and retargeting skills
  • Content marketing skills

Plus, more essential skills needed to improve business results covering the full RACE framework...

What's Hot

What's Hot

Need to know about the latest changes that matter in digital marketing? Here, we give our personal assessment of the most significant changes this month, covering:

  • The most popular recent blogs on digital strategy
  • New marketing trends and innovations
  • Marketing platform changes across social and Google
  • Latest research stats and statistics
  • Answers to members recent marketing questions
  • Guides and templates to help you plan your strategy
Learning paths

Learning Paths

Our learning paths help you learn and update your knowledge and cover all areas of digital marketing. Learn yourself, or track and monitor your team's progress in our Business membership.

  • Search Engine Optimization strategy
  • RACE Digital Marketing Planning
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Marketing campaign planning strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • Email marketing strategy

Plus, more comprehensive learning paths covering the essential marketing mix...



The Smart Insights blog is home to 5000+ articles on the latest news, strategies and advice in marketing. We publish up to three posts a day providing up-to-the-minute, practical and actionable advice, covering a wide range of marketing topics in various formats, including:

  • Interviews with marketing thought-leaders
  • B2B marketing strategy
  • Case Studies
  • Marketing concepts and models
  • Research report summaries
  • News and opinion

Plus, more daily advice on strategy and planning from a wide-range of marketing experts...

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