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What are Learning Paths?

Smart Insights Learning Paths provide a flexible e-learning solution where learners can complete individual modules, curated topics or structured courses based on their skill development needs. Unlike many online learning courses, it is not mandatory to complete each Learning Path in its entirety! Learning paths use an engaging, interactive learning format featuring text, images, video and questions to explain concepts, give examples and test understanding. This segmented approach allows you to dip in and out of your learning, all of which is regularly updated by a team of experts headed up by Dr. Dave Chaffey. Learning Paths are now available with all our Memberships.

Personalized learning plans

Different team members can progress through Learning Paths specific to their individual roles and personal learning objectives.

Applied learning

Every Learning Path integrates with our library of actionable guides and planning templates, allowing you to put training into practice.


Performance and progress can be monitored by managers and team leaders, so you can easily highlight areas for improvement.

Professionally accredited learning courses

Each Smart Insights Learning Path has been independently assessed and
accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Standards Office (CPDSO), so you can be confident that the quality of the learning and assessment experience has been audited and recognized for its quality.

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Choose from 10 Learning Paths (with more on the way)...

RACE Practical Digital Strategy

Learn how to apply the RACE Planning Framework to create a multichannel marketing plan

Implement digital marketing practices effectively within your organization by planning, managing and optimizing your digital media, digital experiences and digital data.

Topics covered:
▶︎ Practical Strategy – Plan
▶︎ Practical Strategy – Reach
▶︎ Practical Strategy – Act
▶︎ Practical Strategy – Convert
▶︎ Practical Strategy – Engage

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Digital Transformation

Discover the path to achieving Digital Transformation within your team

Review the current contribution of digital marketing to your organization and then create a plan to improve the contribution by defining activities to plan, manage and optimize digital media, digital experiences and digital data.

Topics covered:
▶︎ Opportunities of digital marketing
▶︎ Structure digital plans
▶︎ Situational analysis
▶︎ Set objectives and control
▶︎ Set digital strategy
▶︎ Select tactics
▶︎ Select actions
▶︎ Control and co-ordination during transformation

Content Marketing

Learn how to create a content strategy to boost leads and conversion

Learn how to use a planned approach to increase the effectiveness of your content marketing and apply practical content marketing techniques.

Topics covered:
▶︎ Content marketing opportunities
▶︎ Content marketing strategy
▶︎ Improve content marketing activities

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Campaign Planning

Effectively plan integrated marketing campaigns

After completing this learning path you'll be able to create integrated inbound marketing campaigns for maximizing campaign reach, interaction, response and ROI.

Topics covered:
▶︎ Developing and tracking campaign goals
▶︎ Obtaining target audience and customer insights
▶︎ Define the Offer, Content and Messaging plans
▶︎ Develop a media plan, schedule and timeline
▶︎ Encouraging interaction and participation
▶︎ Retargeting and optimization of communication during campaigns
▶︎ Encouraging sharing and reviewing effectiveness

Email Marketing and Automation

Discover strategic approaches to target email communication campaigns effectively

Learn a strategic approach to email marketing communications and targeting to boost audience engagement and sales. You will also learn practical tips and view examples that will help you to optimize your emails to boost response.

Topics covered:
▶︎ Discover email marketing and automation opportunities
▶︎ Set goals and KPIs for email marketing campaigns
▶︎ Audit email effectiveness
▶︎ Improving subscriber lists
▶︎ Email value propositions
▶︎ Email communication frequency and contact strategy
▶︎ Segmentation and targeting for email
▶︎ Design for email marketing
▶︎ Improving email governance
▶︎ Optimizing response effectiveness

Email marketing trends 2021

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn how to maximize your visibility in search engines

Review and refresh your existing approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to increase targeted organic website traffic.

Topics covered:
▶︎ Discover SEO opportunities
▶︎ Audit SEO effectiveness, Set Goals and KPIs for SEO
▶︎ Technical SEO
▶︎ On-Page SEO
▶︎ Create awesome content from SEO
▶︎ Acquiring more quality links (through Content Marketing)
▶︎ Refine internal linking
▶︎ Improve SEO through analytics

Social Media Marketing

Boost your Social Media Marketing with an effective, structured approach

Use a more structured approach to managing and optimizing social media as a strategic communications technique.

Topics covered:
▶︎ Discover social media opportunities
▶︎ Planning and governance of social media
▶︎ Practical social media marketing

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Digital Experience

Learn how to use data to develop a customer-centric website

Use a data-driven approach to review the effectiveness of websites to improve customer experience.

Topics covered:
▶︎ Adopt a customer-centric approach to website design and optimization
▶︎ Review the effectiveness of your website against benchmarks
▶︎ Identify improvements to your website for use across multiple devices
▶︎ Improve the customer journey to prioritize your goals and conversion rate
▶︎ Optimize the effectiveness of your forms, checkout, product and pages
▶︎ Understand the types of insights you can generate in Google Analytics

Employee development

Discover a suite of tools to help boost individual and team marketing skills

Use a structured approach to evaluate individual and team marketing skills and create an action plan for improvement.

Topics covered:
▶︎ Developing your marketing skills with Smart Insights
▶︎ Developing your team members with Smart Insights

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Google Analytics 4

Learn how to use a planned approach to apply actionable insight from Google Analytics 4

Discover techniques for customizing Google Analytics 4 for your business and understanding advanced reporting, enabling you to improve digital marketing effectiveness.

Topics covered:
▶︎ Plan: Customize Google Analytics 4 for your business
▶︎ Reach: Improve media effectiveness
▶︎ Act: Improve the customer journey and content effectiveness
▶︎ Convert: Improve conversion
▶︎ Engage: Improve customer experience, retention and advocacy

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