How will Smart Insights help me and my business?

Applying the renowned RACE Framework approach to strategy and training will boost your results
from digital marketing and accelerate your own professional journey. Find out more…

How do we help you succeed in your marketing role?
What do we do?
We show you where to focus your efforts

Since marketing today is so complex, this is often the hardest part. With membership you can review current performance and/or marketing skills and uncover your biggest opportunities.

How do you benefit from being a member?
How do you benefit from being a member?

Membership helps you get ahead of your competitors, grow yourself professionally and earn more money. Learn new skills, apply best practice and guarantee success in your marketing endeavours.

How do we help you succeed in your marketing role?
How do we help you succeed?

You'll use the RACE Growth System of 250+ Learning Paths, integrated Guides, Templates and Quick Wins to learn, plan, manage and optimize all of your marketing activities.

Why are we the best solution?
Why are we the best solution?

Our regularly updated library of resources have been written by leading industry experts, international conference speakers, and trainers, like our Co-Founder and digital marketing guru, Dr. Dave Chaffey, so you know you're getting the best advice and guidance.

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Here's what you'll get and more...

Unlock a complete system of best practice processes, templates, tools and learning.
Smart Insights Membership is everything you need to ensure success as a marketing professional
including learning and implementing the latest AI techniques like ChatGPT.

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The RACE Growth System

Follow the best practice processes within the RACE Framework to improve your skills, identify and act on the right opportunities.

REACH: Find and acquire prospects
ACT: Gain leads and nurture toward sale
CONVERT: Acquire customers
ENGAGE: Retain and gain advocacy

Stop wasting your valuable time and money, and generate better results from your marketing efforts by creating a winning RACE Marketing Strategy from recognised best practice.

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Guides and Templates

Gain unlimited access to over 250 guides and templates covering all of the essential marketing skills such as digital strategy and planning. Save time when producing your campaign plans, audits or content timelines from recognised best practice, with our ready to use templates.

Includes: Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning, Offline Marketing Strategy and Planning, Marketing Campaign Planning, Content Marketing, Digital Experience Management, Email Marketing & Automation, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics 4 and Paid Media

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Certified Learning Paths

Smart Insights Certified Learning Paths provide a flexible solution of 15 minute individual modules or structured courses based on your skill development needs.

Certified by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) service, they provide a qualification that's recognised worldwide.

Get Certified in: RACE Digital Strategy, Campaign Planning, Digital Experience, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing & Automation, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics 4 and Digital Transformation.

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Personalized Learning Plan

Benchmark your current marketing skills across the whole of the RACE Framework against how important they are to your career, current company or role.

Discover your strengths and weaknesses and get a tailored personalized learning plan with recommendations on how to improve your skills.

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Quick Wins Micro Learning

Quick Wins are short and actionable focused online learning modules, designed to help you learn new skills, or deepen existing knowledge when you're short on time.

Each of the 40 included Quick Wins is accompanied by a downloadable workbook that will help you complete jobs-to-be-done and help you get the results you want.

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Capability Graders

Rapidly benchmark your essential marketing activities to score your or your clients' current approach and get recommendations on what to focus on in the future.

Our capability graders cover digital planning, SEO, email, social media and essential marketing mix channels.

We help over 165,000 marketers just like you, but don't just take our word for it...

Get better results

"A goldmine of digital information on digital marketing that can help you get better results."

Make your job easier

"I'd recommend signing up to Smart Insights for a suite of useful tools
from planning templates to strategy docs and a variety of other guides to make your job easier."

Tenfold improvement

"It's my digital marketing go-to Bible Tenfold improvements in digital marketing results."

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