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Online marketing benchmarks statistics compilation

Our compilation of the best quality benchmarks across all digital marketing activities to help you review and improve your online marketing

How will this guide help me and my business?

How do we compare?”, “What does good look like?” and “What is the gap and potential for improving results?". These are questions we hear a lot from marketers looking to improve their performance across different channels and platforms.

We spend hours each month reviewing the latest, high-quality statistics sources to inform approaches to digital marketing so you don't have to!

We have compiled our benchmarks report from the best sources available. You'll find them in a Powerpoint format with the source, sample and date clearly marked, so they can easily be added to your presentation as a credible source to make the case to colleagues or clients to prioritize investment in digital media and technology.

Who is this guide for?

The guide is aimed at helping anyone who has to present to colleagues or clients to make the case for more or different investment in digital marketing. Compare your tactics and see how your goals fair against the competition.

The guide format is PowerPoint slides - to enable you to easily add charts to your presentations without wasting time looking for the very latest good quality, freely available insights. It contains over 100 slides from the highest quality benchmarking sources available.

To save you time in searching for the latest, most reliable online marketing benchmarks, our digital marketing benchmarks statistics compilation gives you a single source of the latest and most reliable sources to help you compare your investments in digital channels and your performance against others.

How is the statistics benchmark structured?

This template is structured around the RACE Planning Framework for engaging customers through different touchpoints of developing a relationship. It covers these benchmarks:


  • Media mix: Percentage of investment in different types of paid, owned and earned media and referrer mix in different sectors.
  • Display media: Benchmarks of cost and quality
  • Search engine marketing: SEO and Google Ads click-through rates depending on position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Investment in different ad formats.


  • Site engagement: Engagement with site on initial visit using bounce rate, dwell time and pages per visit metrics.
  • Lead generation benchmarks: Review conversion to lead and lead quality.


  • Mobile platforms: Smartphone and tablet conversion compared to desktop.
  • Channel: Variations in conversion for different media in reach.
  • Category: How conversion varies by different country.


  • Social media marketing: Engagement of brands with their audiences in social media, power of influencers. Paid social spend by format.
  • Email marketing: Response and engagement rates with email – delivery, open rate and click-through rate.

Latest updates

Highlights of new and updated data for 2023 – marked as ‘New’ within the resource – are:

  • Online ad spend by channel – curated from latest Datareportal Jan 2023 report
  • Search and paid media CTRs
  • Landing page conversion for B2C, B2B including livechat
  • E-commerce conversion rates
  • Email marketing open and click-through rates
  • Paid and organic social media engagement

Resource Details

About the author

Dr. Dave Chaffey

Dave ChaffeyDr. Dave Chaffey is co-founder of Smart Insights and is a renowned digital marketing expert and speaker. He is author of 5 bestselling books on e-commerce including Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice and was recognized by the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2004 as one of 50 marketing ‘gurus’ worldwide who have helped shape the future of marketing.

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